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The poetry of nerves…is self-evidently, truly American, and this poet is a fine recorder of its devastating little complexities… The eye is restless and relentless, a detail-devourer, a silent machine that has developed, like a diary, a hunger for subtleties… At her acutest she is irresistible.

- Derek Walcott, from the Introduction

An outstanding debut—zesty, strange, funny, moving. First book to wholly change the way I think about poetry in several years.

- Roddy Lumsden

Formal agility plays a fast game of tag with modern urban women's issues in The Search Engine, the slippery and absolutely contemporary debut from Kathleen Ossip, which slips non sequiturs and famous names (from Woody Allen to the Waldorf) into its sonnets, syllabics, macaronics, and other high-spirited accomplishments…

- Publishers Weekly

Ossip produces poem after poem that showcase a robust energy and freneticism; what’s all the more impressive is, that for all of their sheer ravenousness and ranginess, the poems that populate this book are incredibly pressurized and precise…She makes poetry that enhances our perceptual ability by producing honed moments of apprehension. The word that occurs to me is virtuoso…We are with the speaker and we recognize the speaker’s world as our own, even if we blush a little for not having noticed it this fearfully and lovingly before. We are the richer for The Search Engine, a wonderful first book from a promising, powerful new poet.

- Marc McKee, Gulf Coast